Ed Sheeran Spills All The Tea About BTS’s Upcoming New Song, “Permission To Dance”

Big Hit: 😮

Talented singer Song-writer Ed Sheeran just revealed the title of the upcoming song he wrote for BTS!

| @teddysphotos/Instagram

It wasn’t too long ago that Ed Sheeran revealed on the U.S. radio station Most Requested Live that he had written a song for BTS. Since the news broke out, fans have been curious about the new song. Big Hit Music also informed media outlet Newsen that Ed Sheeran has participated in BTS’s upcoming songs but also stated it’s, “difficult to confirm” whether the new track will be included in BTS’s new single, Butter, which is set to release July 9.

On June 28, Ed Sheeran took to Instagram to answer several questions from fans! Instagram users, of course, mentioned BTS and Ed Sheeran lessened a bit of their curiosity by answering some BTS-related questions. Ed Sheeran confirmed he created a song for the group and commented, “Well, yes. New song coming soon.” 

The BTS questions didn’t stop there. One fan asked the singer, “What’s your favorite BTS song?” Ed Sheeran answered that his favorite BTS song is none other than their newest one: “I’d say my favorite BTS song is their new song, ‘Permission to Dance.'” Furthermore, Ed shared, “I believe it’s their next single” and revealed it to be “Very dancey.”

Immediately, fans have posted their excitement, trending the phrase “PERMISSION TO DANCE IS COMING” on Twitter! As a bonus, Ed Sheeran was also asked which member of BTS was his favorite and he replied with an answer every ARMY can relate to.

Well, they’re all as cool as each other. I’m never going to win saying someone is cooler than someone else. I think they’re all great.

— Ed Sheeran

Check out the clip below: