E’Dawn Uploads New Music On Instagram, HyunA Responds

HyunA had something to say about his new song.

E’Dawn released a snippet of new music that he’s been working on through his personal Instagram.


The new track seems to be explaining his current mentality as it appears to contain lyrics about becoming stronger.

“…Gotta get stronger

Until other f*ckers can’t mess with me

Bigger like Everest…”

— E’Dawn’s Demo Lyrics


HyunA also left a sweet message for her boyfriend’s post as she expressed her desire to listen to the complete song. E’Dawn responded with cute banter.


E’Dawn has always been known for his talents as a music producer and lyricist, creating songs for PENTAGON, Wanna One and more.


His post became overflowing with supportive messages from fans as they cannot wait to see what E’Dawn will return with next!

  • “I can’t wait for this new track. Love y E’dawn and I hope ur new track is a bop and that it becomes very successful. Also hyudawn for life.”
  • “Owwww babyyyyy 💕 i love you. Go get them ! Go for it !”
  • “Yesss king do what you want !!!!”
  • “Catch dem beats boy 🙌❤”