Eddy Kim to hold first fan meeting on his 25th birthday

The cute Super Star K singer Eddy Kim is now holding a fan meeting for the first time, on his 25th birthday.

On November 5th, Eddie Kim wrote on his fan cafe, showing love for his fans: “[I will be] holding my first fan meeting ever! Now I can finally see the fans that I will go through my career with, and it is totally exciting!”

The first fan meeting, which is scheduled to be held on 23rd of November, is going to be held at Bear Hall in Samseong-dong, Seoul. The fans can register via his fan cafe “Eddiction”.

This fan meeting is also a very significant day to none other than Eddie Kim himself, as November 23rd is also his birthday. Due to this coincidence, the fan meeting is anticipated to have more events regarding his birthday.

Eddie Kim debuted with his song “The Manualand has been loved by the audience since making his debut. In addition, the tickets for his solo concert completely sold out, showing his popularity.

What do you think of Eddie Kim’s fan meeting? Will you be applying for an opportunity to attend?

Source: X Sports News