Education minister of Korea apologizes for error on CSAT exams

It is well known that one of the most important days of a South Korean student’s life is when they take the CSAT exams. Recently it was revealed that there were faulty exam questions that caused many students to worry.

The way some questions were worded made it possible for there to be two answers which would affect the test scores of about 3,600-4,000 students. On November 24th the education minister, Hwang Woo Yea,  stated “I express deep regret and recognize an urgent need to improve the question-making process. We will investigate the root of the problem.”

The Ministry of Education will accept two answers to the faulty multiple choice questions and apparently this is not the first time that this has happened. Last year there was a mistake spotted on a question in the world geology section and after a year the Seoul High Court ruled in favor of four students.

The Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation, which administers the test, also stated “We did our best this year to prevent erroneous question…but again there were faulty questions, causing chaos and inconvenience among exam takers, their parents, and teachers.”

Meanwhile, many idols created videos full of encouragement and well wishes for the students that prepared tirelessly for the CSAT exams.

Source: BBC