E’LAST Announces Their First Sub-Unit: E’LAST U

We’re ready for a whole new vibe!

E Entertainment has posted an update on their Twitter account announcing a sub-unit for their group E’LAST!

The unit will consist of Seungyeop, Romin, Choi In, and Wonjun (half of the 8 members of E’LAST) and will begin their group activities in May. The sub-unit will be called E’LAST U, which is an abbreviation of “E’LAST Ultimate” or “Everlasting Ultimate.” They hope to capture fans’ hearts by giving them a whole new look to be excited about.

Seungyeop | @ELASTofficial/Twitter
Choi In | @ELASTofficial/Twitter

Makhyung and skilled dancer Choi In, talented vocalist and stunning visual Seungyeop, charming and fashionable Romin, and adorable rapper Wonjun are expected to make a splash with their varying skills combined.

Wonjun | @ELASTofficial/Twitter
Romin | @ELASTofficial/Twitter

E’LAST debuted with “Swear” just last Summer but has proven themselves worthy with their solid skills and evolving style throughout their releases, including “Tears of Chaos” and “Dangerous.”

Fans are eager to see what new “flavors” E’LAST U will bring to E’LAST.