Elderly Couple Is Fined After Trespassing And Demanding Money From Rain

However, it is still unclear if the situation is completely settled.

It has been reported that on December 16th (KST), the senior judge at the Seoul Western District Court sentenced a man (79) and his wife (73) to ₩700,000 KRW (about $641 USD) each in fines. The elderly couple claimed that Rain‘s father had purchased rice at their shop 20 years ago and never paid for it.

Apparently, they had trespassed into Rain’s property and ordered his father to come out. His father, however, would not talk to them. They shouted, “Pay back the money for the rice,” and hit the front gate several times, breaking the door lock, and forcing the door open without permission.

| Daniel Nussbaum/UnSplash

In 2018, the couple posted a message on an online community claiming that Rain’s parents used to own a rice cake shop and had borrowed ₩25 million KRW (about $23,000 USD) worth of rice from them. They also said that his parents promised to pay them back but never did.

| Korea Times

In September 2019, the man filed a civil suit against Rain’s father for ₩50 million KRW (about $46,000 USD) but lost it in January 2020. Rain filed for a formal warning against the man back in February. The court stated, “The victim has suffered considerable mental pain, but he does not want to punish the perpetrator.”

It is unclear whether or not the situation is completely settled yet.

Source: Naver