Electronic Music Duo HONNE Just Hinted At A BTS Collab

It may have even happened already!

The English electronic duo HONNE have been friends with BTS for a number of years after they found out RM was a fan of their work. His interest got them interested in the K-Pop group and they ended up becoming fast friends, so it makes it even more exciting to hear that BTS may be collaborating with the duo.


The two members, James and Andy, sat down with Kevan Kenney from BUILD Series and revealed that their relationship with the boys has never been better.

“We speak to RM every so often. We’re like pen pals. He’s such a nice guy.” — Andy


They also revealed that they may have something in the works and even said it might have already happened!

“We can’t tell you but it might happen…already might have happened! Might already happen!” — James


Since the news was posted on Kevan’s Instagram, ARMYs have been speculating whether the collab might be the secret track from Love Yourself: Tear or might mean that RM is collaborating for a possible new mixtape.


Whether it’s a mixtape with RM or the secret track, the song is sure to be awesome!


Check out the full clip below.

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