Elementary school teachers caught receiving bribes from parents

It is a well-known fact that Korea is adamant on the importance of the pursuit of education, though recent reports have shed a light on the severe competition behind the national ambition.

Recent reports of instructors in elementary schools receiving bribes from parents for the sake of their children have risen, drawing mixed reactions regarding the competitive education system.

According to the Kyungido Ministry of Education, one particular school has had two teachers accept bribes. A 61-year-old female A was found to have accepted department store gift cards and beauty care certificates that round up to 500,000 Won (~$500 USD). The other instructor from the same school – a 59-year-old female – was also discovered to have received cosmetic products that rounded up to around 300,000 Won (~$300 USD).

The bribery had occurred during a parent-teacher conference, in which there had been joint meetings to discuss the children’s school life and future plans. However, genuine educational support seems to be shaking, as gifts can persuade instructors to recommend certain students for valuable opportunities based on the value of money. Though these incidents have not been cited from junior or high schools, news of this bribery is even more detrimental considering the young age of the children.

Nonetheless, it is not uncommon to have parents go to such extreme lengths even at such an early stage in education. Children in Korea compete in academia beginning from elementary school in order to get accepted to prestigious middle and high schools, which then enable them to possibly enter one of the three SKY universities – Seoul, Yonsei, or Korea Universities.

The competition in academic schooling seems to have reached a new extreme. What do you think of these recent reports?

Source: Yonhap News