Eliminated MIXNINE contestant travels to YG building to beg for a second chance

After the first qualifiers, it appeared aspiring singer Baek Hyeonju was meant to watch from the sidelines as Yang Hyun Suk and CL did not pick her to join MIXNINE.


Nevertheless, Baek Hyeonju was persistent and traveled to YG Entertainment and waited for 6 hours to meet with Yang Hyun Suk.

On the last day of the four-week-long audition, as Yang Hyun Suk was about to leave the set, Baek Hyeonju entered the room and pleaded for a second chance.

“I am desperate for this opportunity. I know it might not work out in the end, but I knew I would regret it later if I didn’t try to at least ask for a second chance.”

— Seeart’s Baek Hyeonju

Though Yang Hyun Suk was reluctant at first, saying that it would be unfair to other contestants and that it was a “foul”, he eventually relented.

Baek Hyeonju sang Elle Varner’s “Only Wanna Give it to You” and danced to Britney Spear’s “Baby One More Time”.

Having seen Baek Hyeon Ju’s performance for the second time, Yang Hyun Suk gave a word of advice to the aspiring musician.

“If your dream is to be a singer and you can’t think of anything else you’d rather do, live every minute and every second, every day of the month eagerly. The reason why you didn’t make the qualifiers before was because you lacked that eagerness in your eyes. Now, if you can’t make it the top 9, you have to at least make it to the top 20.”

— Yang Hyun Suk

It turns out, Baek Hyeonju’s perseverance and resolve brought her back from the sidelines and into the thick of the contest again.

Watch the full video below: