ENHYPEN Looks Back On The First Time They Were Ever Recognized On The Street

They finally felt their popularity.

ENHYPEN is one of the top boy groups of the fourth generation. They were created through HYBE‘s survival program I-Land (2020) which put together the current lineup of seven members: Sunghoon, Niki, Sunoo, Jungwon, Jake, Heeseung, Jay.

From left to right: Sunghoon, Niki, Sunoo, Jungwon, Jake, Heeseung, Jay | HYBE

Though they’re now a group who can sell out concert venues of up to 80,000 attendees, they don’t always feel their popularity.

ENHYPEN filled the Kyocera Dome with 80,000 fans in attendance | The Korea Herald

In an interview with Elle, they revealed the very first time they were recognized on the street. Heeseung chose a recent event—so recent, in fact, that it happened on the day of the interview.

Today I went to the bank. One of the employees said, ‘You’re in ENHYPEN, right?’ Apparently the daughter of the bank manager is also a fan.

— Heeseung

Jay, meanwhile, mentioned an experience from three years ago, just a few months after their debut. He was recognized in the American embassy in Seoul where he—someone who was born in Seattle—had to renew his passport.

I remember exactly the first time I was recognized after our debut. I went to the U.S embassy in Korea to renew my passport before our overseas schedule.

— Jay

It was the first time he was approached by a fan in public. He reacted in a surprised manner, being taken aback by a voice suddenly calling his name.

Until that point, no one had recognized me on the street. But at the embassy, suddenly [someone goes] ‘Jay?’

— Jay

It was an experience that he remembers clearly until today.

Someone came up to me like that so I go so surprised. I remember that really well.

— Jay

Check out the full video below to learn more about ENHYPEN!

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