ELRIS’s Yookyung Reportedly Working Part-Time And Using The Job To Promote The Group

She wanted to help her group out.

ELRIS’s Yookyung was reported to have been seen working part-time at a restaurant.

An online community board recently posted a picture of a note that a netizen received while eating at a restaurant.

Does anyone know a girl group called ELRIS? I went to the restaurant Schedule Chungdam and received this note from an employee. It looks like she’s ELRIS’s Yookyung. It was interesting because I’ve never seen an idol working part-time before. She seemed nice with a sweet voice. It was surprising to see her sincerity in the note and I wish the best for her.

— Netizen

The purpose of the note was to promote the group with the hopes of bringing positive energy to the public.

| dcinside

Hello! My name is Yookyung, a member of a 5-year girl group called ELRIS that debuted in 2017. We would be grateful if you could give us lots of love and interest and remember us as we try to bring positive energy as ELRIS to the public. [Instagram] ELRIS Yookyung’s account: @2.60___ ELRIS official account: @hunus_elris. Have a good time!

Netizens that saw the post wondered if it was really Yookyung working at the restaurant.

  • “This is probably for some reality series content.”
  • “Yookyung is pretty popular though!”
  • “Some idols do part-time jobs if they don’t have any promotions.”
  • “I really hope a lot of good things come her way.”
  • “She’s an active idol I don’t think she would be working at a restaurant.”

ELRIS is a seven member girl group that debuted in 2017 under Hunus Entertainment. They made a comeback last year with their fourth mini album JACKPOT and have been under the radar, doing mostly live streams.

Source: dispatch and dcinside