Elsie (Eunjung) to make her official solo debut on M! Countdown today

Surprising to many but already known by some, mysterious solo artist named Elsie is indeed T-ARA member Eunjung!

On April 30th, Elsie released her solo debut music video for “I’m Good” featuring K.Will while previous image teasers gave hints that Elsie might be Eunjung’s new stage name as a solo artist.

Elsie will have her first solo stage on Mnet‘s M! Countdown today. Prior to that, MBK Entertainment revealed a photo of her taken during a dance practice session, gaining attention for her sharper jaw line and new bright red hair color.

Eunjung is the third T-ARA member to make a solo debut, following fellow members Jiyeon and Hyomin.

Many entertainment companies are pushing out solo artists recently, especially solo debuts and comebacks by members of idol groups, including INFINITE‘s SungkyuBEAST‘s HyunseungSECRET‘s Hyosung for the month of May.

In related news, it just recently came to light that T-ARA’s rumored bullying controversy against Hwayoung might be the opposite of what many had expected it to be, while Eunjung also recently teared up when asked about it during an interview.

Source: STARN