Embattled Comedian Park Soo Hong Thanks His Wife, And Shares How His Father-In-Law Reacted To His Family’s Controversy

Park Soo Hong spoke candidly about his family issues and his new family that is helping him cope with it.

Comedian Park Soo Hong revealed how his wife and his father-in-law reacted to his family’s controversy that recently made headline news in Korea.

Park Soo Hong | MK Sports

In the October 19 episode of MBC‘s Radio Star, the comedian was a guest and spoke frankly about the recent controversy surrounding his family. During the episode, Park Soo Hong thanked his wife and her family members for being a pillar of support during his most difficult times.

The actor spoke lovingly about his wife, who he married in July.

Now that I am married, I feel a sense of security. Before, I thought success was this grand achievement, but I’ve now realized that success is waking up in the morning and having someone next to you.

— Park Soo Hong

The comedian also shared how time with his wife is the most important aspect of his life.

These days, I do really well on home-shopping networks, so after I sell an item, I go back home, and my wife and pet greet me. That kind of atmosphere is everything to me.

— Park Soo Hong

Park Soo Hong, who didn’t hold a wedding ceremony, then stated he was planning on holding a ceremony for his wife.

We’ve yet only had a civil ceremony, but I’d like to give my wife the opportunity to wear a wedding veil, so we are planning on having a wedding. I am planning on inviting only those closest to us. Rather than have a wedding host, I’d like the guests to each bless our union.

— Park Soo Hong

Radio Star MC Kim Gook Jin then asked carefully if his parents would be attending his wedding, to which Park Soo Hong shared that he has yet to find closure regarding his relationship with his parents.

It hurts me to say this, but my relationship with my parents still has wounds that have yet to heal. Time will find a solution.

— Park Soo Hong

Park Soo Hong also revealed how he got permission from his wife’s parents. The comedian and his wife have a 23-year age gap.

Her parents were against our union in the beginning. It was during a time when the public ostracized me. Her father actually called me a robber to my face. Then her father saw all the comments that rooted for me (during the controversy). He told me, ‘You must’ve lived a good life. My daughter says she can’t live without you, so I’ll give my permission. We are on your side.’ I cried so much.”

— Park Soo Hong

Park Soo Hong made national news recently when it was revealed that he was assaulted by his own father during a deposition with prosecutors over charges that his brother stole millions of dollars from him. According to news reports, Park Soo Hong’s father attacked the comedian, kicking him, and as a result, Park Soo Hong briefly lost consciousness.

Park Soo Hong | mbc
Source: MBN and Sports Kyung Hyang
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