The Empire State Building In New York Gets A Purple Makeover Thanks To BTS

New York purples BTS.

In commemoration of iHeartRadio‘s BTS LIVE Q&A Event, the Empire State Building lit up purple for the first five minutes of every hour after sundown.

The Empire State Building tweeted a link to New York City’s Live Earthcam so that even ARMY who couldn’t be in New York could also observe the spectacle.

For those who don’t know, purple is a significant color to BTS and ARMY for a reason told by member V.

Purple is the last color of the rainbow colors so it means i will trust and love u for a long time.

– V

“Purple” has become synonymous for “love” for BTS, with one of V’s most iconic catchphrases quickly becoming “I purple you” – which he used to end the group’s Q&A session as well.

BTS ended the North American leg of their tour in New Jersey, and the European leg of the tour will begin in London on June 1 and 2.