“Ending Fairies” Were Completely Different Back In The Day—Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Explains How

It had a completely different energy back then!

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny is an idol with 14 years of experience, and revealed that the concept of ending fairies was a little bit different during her time!

Sunny | @515sunnyday/Instagram

Sunny is currently hosting her own variety show titled Legendary Trainee, where fromis_9‘s Saerom, Jiwon, and Jisun appeared as guests!

As they talked about the path to being an idol, one of the topics that came up was the trend of the ending fairy! The ending fairy moment is when the camera focuses on one member for the last moment of the stage, often ending in a charismatic stare…

TWICE Mina’s “ending fairy” moment

…or a bright smile!

Red Velvet Irene’s “ending fairy” moment 

Sunny began talking about ending fairies, and asked Saerom to demonstrate!

You know about the ending fairy these days. 1 second can change your life.


Saerom pulled off the “ending fairy moment” perfectly, complete with the “hard breathing” move that most idols do during their ending fairy shots!

As a second-generation idol who hasn’t performed onstage for 4 years, Sunny asked why the huffing and “out-of-breath” style was necessary for the shot.

I have a question here. Why do you have to be out of breath all the time?


Saerom answered by saying that it adds a “certain charm when we pant”, and Sunny took this opportunity to share how different the “ending fairy” shot was, back in the day!

Back in my day, we had to act like we weren’t out of breath. We stopped [completely]. The trend was to freeze completely and make people wonder if they pressed the pause button!


And she’s not the only second-generation idol to question the current trends of the “ending fairy” moment! Back when they promoted “Atlantis”, SHINee‘s Key made fun of the “out-of-breath” act that most idols do…

…while HIGHLIGHT straight-up bolted from the stage when it was their turn to pose for the ending fairy shots!

We’re curious to see the ending fairy visual Sunny will show when she comes back to the stage!

Watch the whole thing here!

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