Enes Kaya quietly departs for Turkey with his family

Enes Kaya, the Turkish entertainer who received backlash for his alleged infidelity in South Korea, is reported to have left the country and flew to Turkey without a fixed return date. 

On December 23rd, it was reported that Enes Kaya quietly departed for Turkey, along with his wife and son, leaving speculations to open if the entertainer was leaving to avoid prosecution from his adultery charges.

In a statement released by his management agency, it was confirmed that, “Enes Kaya is not in South Korea right now. He left for Turkey two weeks ago. Without setting a date of return, he quietly brought himself over to Turkey without telling anyone,” further adding that, “Currently he has a business in South Korea too. Someday he will have to return.”

Meanwhile, Enes Kaya was under fire after reports about his infidelity surfaced to the media after women claimed to have been in a relationship with him despite being married, with the entertainer strongly refuting the claims and has taken steps to take legal actions. Since then, he was edited out of Abnormal Summit and just recently, Location in America. 

Source: SportsWorld