Enes Kaya reveals he cannot face his family on SBS “Midnight’s TV Date” in light of infidelity allegations

In a recent episode of SBS Midnight’s TV Date, former Abnormal Summit cast member Enes Kaya gave an exclusive statement saying that in light of his infidelity scandal, he cannot face his family.

Enes Kaya is of Turkish nationality who gained massive popularity in Korea, and recently became involved in a scandal when multiple Korean women spoke up online, revealing they had been in a relationship with him, not knowing he was married.

To Midnight’s TV Date, Enes Kaya said, “I was never a celebrity. No matter what I do, people will criticize me. I can not be suffering more. I’m suffering more than enough. I can’t even face my in-laws or my family. I have never acted like a single man. I don’t know what they want from me but I will act lawfully from now on.”

Following the first reports of infidelity, more women have spoken up on their own past relationship with the celebrity, the latest stating, “I do not want to see him. He sowed the seeds, and now he is harvesting. I did not edit the evidence in any way.”

“C” said, “I met him through SNS, and he said, ‘I want to have a future with you kissing me.’ I met him from late July to early October this year, he said, ‘If the reporters don’t catch us, I think we could have a good future together.’ I even slept with him because I thought we were a couple.”

Source: My Daily