ENGENE Finds And Returns ENHYPEN Heeseung’s Missing Ring

She gave it back to him!

ENHYPEN are currently on their 2023 FATE WORLD TOUR. They recently performed in Glendale.

ENHYPEN in Glendale | @ENHYPEN/X

During the group’s recent concert soundcheck, ENGENE (ENHYPEN fan), Mishi, and their friends noticed that Heeseung‘s ring fell off. The friends asked security to retrieve the ring. The security then gave it to them.

my friends and I thought we saw one of heeseung’s rings fall off during soundcheck so we asked security to grab it for us…

— @misheebean/X

| @misheebean/X

Finally, during the send-off, Mishi was able to speak to Heeseung, and they asked if the ring was his. He couldn’t believe they found his missing ring!

At send off I asked him if it was his
at first he thought it was a present LOL but once he realized it was his, he was so surprised we found it!!!

— @misheebean/X

Heeseung | @misheebean/X

Heeseung: It’s a present?

Mishi: Did you lose your ring at soundcheck?

Heeseung: Oh!!! You found it? Thank you!


We’re so glad Mishi and their friends were there to help the ring return to its owner!

Check out the video of the interaction below.

Source: misheebean

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