ENGENEs Call Out BELIFT LAB For Overworking ENHYPEN After Member Sunghoon Fainted At JFK Airport

The group has been extremely busy the past few months!

The life of a K-Pop isn’t easy. From the minute someone starts training and then debuts, their lives are always full of activities and schedules, whether it’s filming, promoting, or traveling for concerts.

One group that has definitely had a full schedule is ENHYPEN.

Members of ENHYPEN | @ENHYPEN/Twitter

Over the past few months, the members have been extremely busy with promotions, solo schedules, and concerts in various countries.

Recently, netizens have called out BELIFT for their treatment and overworking of the members of ENHYPEN, especially after an incident involving member Sunghoon.

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

The group has been extremely busy recently as, after finishing shows in Korea, they have recently completed their first US tour that took them across the country as they played to fans in multiple venues.

ENHYEPN’s US tour schedule | BE:LIFT

Yet, despite the busy schedule, all of the members have shone during the shows, showcasing their talent, visuals, and charm to audiences across America.

The members of ENHYPEN on their US tour | @ENHYPEN/Twitter
| @ENHYPEN/Twitter

On October 18, the members were seen at JFK Airport as they were set to head back to Korea. As expected, the airport was full of fans who wanted to see the members before they headed home.

When the members entered the airport, fans shared how Sunghoon fainted, and many believe it was due to exhaustion. Fans didn’t want the videos to be shared, but many clips from after showed how, after fainting, the ambulance was called to check on Sunghoon.

When the videos were shared, ENGENEs from worldwide shared their anger at BELIFT for the intense schedules the members have had. From performing almost every night, traveling, and now going back to Korea for more schedules, it isn’t surprising that the members are tired.

In particular, many shared how intense it must be for Sunghoon. Although he has always known about tough schedules from his figure skating days, balancing the comeback, and promotions, just after finishing his regular MC’ing is just crazy.

K-Pop idols might expect a busy schedule before debuting, yet they’re human beings at the end of the day. Idols need rest like everyone else and, particularly with their busy schedules and strict expectations, they probably need it, even more to stay healthy.


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