ENHYPEN Finds Their 8th Member And Adds Him To The Group

“Can I be the new member?”

Although ENHYPEN is a well-rounded group with seven members, it looks like they have room for one more.


At the end of the members’ The K-Star Next Door interview, Sunghoon, Jungwon, and Heeseung thanked the host Jonathan for being so welcoming to them. Sunghoon gushed about Jonathan being “very friendly,” making them comfortable, and being a talented MC.

Heeseung even said, “I feel connected.” That’s when Sunghoon said, “You’re ENHYPEN,” with Heeseung agreeing.

Jonathan was so happy that he asked, “Can I be the new member?” They all laughed as Heeseung answered, “Jonathan of ENHYPEN.” They weren’t joking, either.

When they performed “Polaroid Love”, Jonathan lived the dream of many fans as Heeseung sang to him.

Jonathan even sang a few lines with Jungwon and Heeseung, making them laugh.

He fit right in with the ENHYPEN members as they all performed the song.

Since they’ve already given everyone a performance with Jonathan, now they have to get all the members together for next time.


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