These Moments From ENHYPEN’s Recent Broadcast Have Set Twitter Debate On Fire, Here’s What’s Happening

Fans have mixed opinions on Jake’s statement toward Sunoo.

Recently, ENHYPEN and member Sunoo have been trending on Twitter due to their recent episode of EN’OCLOCK. The boys played various member-specific games and group games in a classroom setting.

| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

The big moment that Twitter has been discussing is Sunoo’s game. He was tasked with guessing tteokbokki brands with his eyes closed. Eventually, he guessed all of them correctly, as tteokbokki is his favorite food, but fans’ concerns began before the game.


Before the game, the members had to choose whether or not they believed Sunoo could succeed. Sunoo chose the side that said he couldn’t, and the members began to encourage him, saying, “That’s your specialty,” and “you need confidence!” Sunoo was still unsure, so his members began to joke about how much he loves tteokbokki.

Are you going to pretend to be confused so you can keep eating?


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Then all of the members began to pretend like they were eating a lot of tteokbokki. Some fans believe that that was just their way of encouraging him, as they know he loves the dish more than most. However, others took issue with this joke as it could be interpreted as a “fat-shaming” statement.

Some fans have additionally pointed out that the members have often commented on Sunoo’s weight. During several live broadcasts, behind the scenes videos, and fan meetings, the members have made comments such as: “I don’t eat that much, but sunoo eats the most,” “you’ll need to lose weight,” “lookswise, Sunoo is similar to Baymax,” and “have you gained a little weight?”

Fans have argued that many of these situations have been mistranslated, taken out of context, or just an honest mistake. There is also some truth in the fact that “eating well” is a compliment in South Korea and is often misinterpreted by foreigners. Also, the word they supposedly used for “chubby” is tongtong. This indeed has a similar meaning but is more often used as a term of endearment and is usually used on cute things like comments on a baby’s cheeks.

After all, many moments also prove the group’s love for Sunoo.

Twitter appears to mostly just hope to educate the members on how it could be harmful, and many fans have decided to redirect their energy into celebrating Sunoo’s birthday on June 24.

Source: ENHYPEN/YouTube