ENHYPEN Reportedly Change Send-Off Event After Dangerous Conditions Arise

Fans say the event was much more relaxed earlier in the tour.

ENHYPEN are currently on the American portion of their Fate world tour and have been able to entertain fans before and after the show due to exclusive VIP perks.

| ENHYPEN/Weverse

Previously, the standard concert perks were hi-touch and photo opportunities with the group. These still happen, but these perks have changed to soundcheck for groups holding concerts in larger venues.

This means that when ENHYPEN announced their tour would include a “send-off event,” fans were excited about the possibilities. After the first concert, eager fans waited to see what the send-off would include and were not disappointed.

From signing items…

…to having conversations…

…and even taking selfies with fans, the send-off event seemed like a true dream for ENGENE.

Unfortunately, problems arose with the event as the tour progressed. The send-off occurred inside a smaller room, meaning that the “front row” space was first come, first serve.

According to attendees, this led some fans to leave the concert before it ended in hopes of securing a good spot.

The small spaces also meant that some fans reported being pushed and shoved as the event happened. Fans even shared that ENHYPEN left the event early due to safety concerns.

At the recent Newark concert, a fan documented the rush to the send-off area, showing how dangerous the situation became.

Between this and the other reported problems at the send-offs, many were not surprised when a fan alleged that the group would be unable to take selfie-style photos with fans anymore.

ENHYPEN have one date left on the tour, and hopefully, this one will go smoothly.