ENHYPEN Claims Sunghoon Is The Unluckiest Member And Here’s Why

Maybe he broke a mirror in the dorm!

During the eleventh episode of EN-O’CLOCK, the ENHYPEN members began the first leg of their exciting summer road trip! As they all stepped onto the bus, none of them knew what could possibly be in store.


Immediately, they were met with their first choice: deciding what snacks they would have for the journey! What they weren’t told, however, was that two out of the ten bags contained an unwelcome surprise.

Rather than the typical treat of lemon soda and a large egg, two members would potentially receive plain water and quail eggs!


Jay went first, suspicious of what might be inside. Fortunately, he was happy with the soda and brown egg he ended up getting.


Next up was Sunghoon, who didn’t see anything wrong with the water he initially took out. However, he soon realized he got the short end of the stick when he emptied his sack and out popped the teeny-tiny quail egg!


By the time all of the members had opened their own bags, Sunghoon was shocked to see that he was literally the only one without a normal snack!


A little while later when the host asked everyone, “What do you think about your luck?” Jungwon brought up how they had to change the rules of the ladder game when deciding their shower order to accommodate Sunghoon’s misfortune!

Jungwon: Sunghoon has really bad luck! It’s really bad. He’s always the last to shower!

Sunghoon: Whenever we shower and decide who goes first, I get seventh (last) place.

Jungwon: So we found a solution for that.

Sunghoon: We tried playing (the ladder game) with ‘Park’ instead of ‘Sunghoon’, and I got second place!


Therefore, Sunghoon wasn’t too thrilled when the theme of the episode was announced: Lucky Day ENHYPEN!

Noooooo… I’m doomed!

— Sunghoon


What do you think about Sunghoon’s hilarious luck?