ENHYPEN Have Everyone Simping Over Their Visuals At “Seoul Festa 2022” — Even Non-Fans

Certified stan attractors.

ENHYPEN are gaining attention for their powerful performance at 2022 Seoul Festa. But it’s not just their amazing performance skills that everyone’s eyes are on—it’s their insane visuals too. In fact, even non-fans are taking serious notice!


The Seoul Festa event is the Seoul government’s first large-scale global festival, and as such has many exciting K-Pop acts performing, including NCT DREAM, LE SSERAFIM, Stray Kids, PSY, and THE BOYZ, with ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo and actress Kim Sejeong as hosts. The line-up was nothing less than impressive, but ENHYPEN still proved to be one of the highlights.

As expected, ENHYPEN delivered a standout performance and made ENGENEs proud.

But it was hard for fans to ignore the visuals being served by each of the members…

…and fan and journalist-taken pictures proved just why.


ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon

The members were glowing!

Coupled with their perfectly synced dancing, their visuals definitely made for one memorable show.

In fact, even non-fans were taken aback when they saw the members. Reportedly, one non-ENGENE who attended the event ended up full of praise for Sunoo!

And they honestly can’t be blamed. He really did look unreal!


ENHYPEN have proven themselves to be stan attractors everywhere they go.