Dog Collar And Leash? Mommy? — Fan’s Requests At An In-Person Fansign Leaves Many Disgusted

Many were in disbelief over this incident.

Unfortunately, there have been many instances of K-Pop idols enduring strange or uncomfortable requests from fans. Many of these have taken place over video calls, which at least have a built-in barrier between the idol and the person making such a request.

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Recently, however, one fan’s requests at an in-person fan sign for ENHYPEN have left many online feeling discomfort and disgust.

At the end of January, ENHYPEN headed to Macao for a fan sign event, allowing lucky fans in the region to see them up close and personal.


As fans shared their accounts from the event, some clips from one fan, in particular, gained attention for all the wrong reasons. First, the fan can be seen standing off to the side, wearing a dog collar with an attached leash before approaching Jake.

According to the fan’s posting, she told Jake, “I want to be your puppy dog, can you be my master,” before handing him the leash. Other clips show Jake petting and touching the fan at her request.

I laugh every time I see oppa’s shocked expression when I handed him a dog collar. I also showed him my jake fingernails and bracelet.

— OP Fan

When this same fan spoke with Jungwon, she had asked the idol if she could call him mommy.

I noticed there was still time after I told him what my friend wanted me to tell him, but I didn’t prepare anything so I poked Jungwon’s dimple in a panic. Then I said “can I call you mommy” which is something I had planned to say before standing up. Jungwon’s expression was so funny hahahahahaha! As for why…I just told him it’s because you’re too cute.

— OP Fan

Fans reacted angrily to the fan’s requests, saying that doing these sorts of things was disrespectful.

Others brought up how, sometimes, these things can be part of a person’s sexual interests, and involving idols in them for personal gratification is wrong and dehumanizing.

As more of these kinds of things happen, many wonder if more strict guidelines will be put in place at events.