ENHYPEN Is Gearing Up For Their First World Tour—This Is What They’re Anticipating The Most

There’s one thing they’re excited about.

When ENHYPEN debuted in November of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of in-person concerts was uncertain. Now, they’re finally gearing up for their first world tour.


They recently announced their upcoming world tour, MANIFESTO, which will kick off this September in Seoul and continue in the U.S. and Japan.

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In May, ENHYPEN participated in KPOP.FLEX festival in Germany and performed for international fans for the first time. They hope the type of energy they received from fans in person will transfer to their own tour.

We participated in KPOP.FLEX [festival in] Germany not long ago, and we received so much energy from the fans in person, so we hope that we can receive as much good energy from the fans in person.

— Sunoo

While KPOP.FLEX brought together an audience that spanned various K-Pop fandoms, this tour offers a space for ENGENEs to come together. Heeseung noted, “This is the first time meeting that many ENGENEs in one venue, so I’m very excited.” 

ENHYPEN’s goal remains the same: to meet fans.

Our goal was always the same from the beginning. It was to meet our fans in person more often and show our fans what we can do on stage. As a group, we want to always grow in terms of music and performing, and in general, we always want to grow and become the best version of ourselves.

— Jake

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Jungwon wants to both share music with fans and show the public what they can do.

It is the most important thing to meet our fans and bond with our fans in person. I also hope that our music reaches not only our fans, but the public—the audience will enjoy listening to the music, and I think that will be really great.

— Jungwon

It’s a sizeable goal, but fans know it’s possible.

ENGENEs are excited for ENHYPEN to finally be able to meet more of their fans.

Source: GRAMMY.com and People