ENHYPEN Get Unexpectedly Real About Which Member Knows The Others Best

The vote was unanimous!

ENHYPEN recently appeared in Seventeen magazine’s YouTube segment, Besties on Besties, where they spilled many fun facts about their close friendship (among them, the origins of their hilarious group chat name). But one thing they got unexpectedly honest about was who knows the members the best.

ENHYPEN | Seventeen/YouTube

During the segment, the members had fun reminiscing about some of the funniest memories they have together…

| Seventeen/YouTube

…as well as thinking of fun things they still want to do as a group.

When they were asked which member knew the others the best, Jake was the first to give an answer: himself. Yet, speaking honestly, the members agreed.

Leader Jungwon explained that Jake is usually the member that will eat late-night meals with the others, which is how he has come to know them so well. Jay joked that it’s actually also the reason why he knows their tastes in food so well.

Ni-Ki tried to test him, but Jake soon proved Jay right!

Naturally, Jake’s knowledge of his members also made him the main candidate for the question, “Which member gives the best advice?” According to Jungwon, Jake is the best listener among the members.

Heeseung joked that Jake’s advice usually tends to be only what the members want to hear…

…but ENHYPEN still seem to agree that Jake is the best listener, and therefore the one who gives the best advice!

Watch the full clip on the link below.

Source: YouTube