ENHYPEN Look Sweet As Candy In 50+ Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Their “GGU GGU Package”

ENHYPEN’s “GGU GGU Package” will release next month, but here’s a sneak peak.

Packed with notebook sets, photo sets, sticker packs, masking tape, and a memo pad, ENHYPEN‘s new GGU GGU Package is about to be one of the cutest stationery deco kits in K-Pop. Ahead of its release, BELIFT LAB has dropped over 50 photos of the members looking dazzling, adorable, and sweet as candy. Let’s take a look!

1. Heeseung

Dressed in a dazzling red baseball jacket, Heeseung became the campus king of everyone’s dreams.

He has so much authority in his expressions, you’d be forgiven for thinking he’s the teacher rather than the student.

2. Jay

Jay gave off peak wealthy teen energy with his loosely tied sweater and shirt combo, and there’s no doubt that locker is stuffed with a hundred love letters.

And he carried that vibe over to his school uniform pictures, where he looks like the most charismatic boy in class.

3. Jake

You can just tell Jake would treat you to any delights you wanted at the candy store.

As an international student, Jake probably knows that world map like the back of his hand.

4. Sunghoon

No one could pull off this bright blue ensemble like handsome Sunghoon.

Those specs look truly delightful on him.

5. Sunoo

Isn’t this all-denim and pink look the cutest thing you’ve ever seen on peachy Sunoo?

Text block here.

6. Jungwon

In his adorable backwards baseball cap, Jungwon looked like a flower blooming in spring.

Petition for Jungwon to wear berets every day of the week!

7. Ni-Ki

From his overalls to his fluffy hair, Ni-Ki is the epitome of the cutie skater boy next door.

He’s growing up way too fast!

8. All together

BELIFT LAB treated Engene to some unit and group photos too, and they were all just as perfect.

Jungwon and Jay look like the best friends to share ice cream with on a hot summer day.

Heeseung, Jake, and Sunghoon make us wish the pandemic was over so we could grab a slice of pizza with them.

Sunoo and Ni-Ki are giving off the coolest retro vibes.

Jake and Jay look like the guys who’d protect you from even the meanest of bullies.

You can just tell the teacher is always telling Heeseung, Sunghoon, and Sunoo to stop chatting in class.

Jungwon and Ni-Ki look like the library study buddies you’ve always wished for.

And when they’re all together, nothing could be sweeter!


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