ENHYPEN Sends Heartfelt Message To BTS, SEVENTEEN, And TXT For Supporting Them

“…we were having a hard time.” – Jake

During the filming of ENHYPEN‘s survival show I-LAND, their seniors BTS, TXT, and SEVENTEEN all made appearances to help the members grow as artists.


Since everyone had been focused on improving at the time, the group didn’t have a chance to thank them for their support. Jake addressed it in their latest live broadcast.

Jake thanked each group for taking the time to help them reach their goal, “A little while back, I wanted to say something… First of all, I really want to thank BTS, SEVENTEEN, and TXT for the support they gave us. We weren’t able to thank them in-person during the shooting.

Sunghoon chimed in with how supportive they had been throughout filming, “They helped and cheered for us.Sunoo spoke up about how touching it had been to them, “It really is an honor.

Jake admitted that their seniors’ support was much needed, “When we were having a hard time…Jungwon finished his sentence with how much they helped them through tough times, “It was really hard, but they gave us strength.

Summing up all their thoughts of thanks, Ni-ki expressed their willingness to repay all the support and wise words they received. “We will work hard and become the coolest version of ENHYPEN as much as you support us.

The stress of participating in a survival show is something the typical person will never experience. Having millions of eyes watching your every triumph and setback would be tough for anyone. Fortunately, they had BTS, SEVENTEEN, and TXT to help them out.

See ENHYPEN express their heartfelt thanks for the support of their seniors here.

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