ENHYPEN’s Heeseung Is Working On Music—What Fans Have To Look Forward To

He hopes to express himself in a unique way.

ENHYPEN‘s Heeseung always makes fans proud with his angelic voice and dedication to his craft. With original music in the works, he’s sure to continue.

ENHYPEN’s Heeseung | @BELIFTLAB/Twitter

In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, Heeseung talked about his musical inspirations and style.

When it comes to writing lyrics, he doesn’t think you can start from a blank slate. He read Akujo ni Tsuite, a book “about all the things several people have to say about one person who’s died.” It gave him inspiration for the different ways you can express yourself.

It gives me some inspiration and sparks my imagination about how I should express things. It’s easier to imagine things with an expression like, ‘I like you even more than getting off work at 10:00,’ than just, ‘I like you.’

— Heeseung

| @BELIFTLAB/Twitter

Heeseung looks to the genre of R&B for uncommon ways to express things through music.

I like R&B—in fact, I love it—so I hope it will sound at home in my music, too. I think R&B is about musical expression, and I really like the unique way it expresses things.

— Heeseung

In May Heeseung dropped a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Off My Face” for fans. To give ENGENEs the best final product, he worked on every detail, including the pronunciation and laid-back atmosphere of the video-recording studio.

| ENHYPEN/YouTube 

It shows his dedication, and the fan reception proves it was worth it.

“Off My Face” cover comment | ENHYPEN/YouTube 

Heeseung was glad that ENGENE liked the cover after waiting so long for it, adding that he’s now working on original music.

And I’m hard at work on a song I wrote that a producer friend of mine is helping me with. Not that people can look forward to it anytime soon. (laughs) But I’m working on it.

— Heeseung

Though it doesn’t seem like the song will be out soon, fans will surely appreciate it once it is. In the meantime, check out his cover.

Source: Weverse Magazine