ENHYPEN’s Heeseung Is Rushed By Staff, But He Showcases His True Personality With His Treatment Of Fans

He’s got his priorities!

ENHYPEN‘s Heeseung showed his true character as he left the venue after the group’s recent concert, and fans can’t help but praise him for it.


Heeseung got to celebrate his birthday in New York, seeing as ENHYPEN were scheduled to perform their concert there on October 15, the day of his birthday. His members congratulated him in the cutest ways…

…and even came to celebrate with him during his live stream afterward, with Sunoo bringing the birthday cake.

Since he was performing on his birthday, Heeseung also got to celebrate with ENGENE, leading to some of the best interactions between him and fans yet.

But one interaction between him and fans stood out in particular, and that was when ENHYPEN was leaving the concert venue. The members were not allowed to interact with the fans waiting there, but as soon as Heeseung came out, he seemed to go almost straight for them.

| @Jays_bumblebee/Twitter 

He began to sign autographs and accept gifts…

…and ended up staying so long that staff came to hurry him away. And yet, he still wouldn’t leave! Heeseung remained there doing as many as he could, proving just how much he cares about ENGENE, until he was finally ushered off into the car by multiple staff members.

Netizens were only too happy to see this, especially because it says so much about his kind personality. It certainly proved to be one of the most wholesome Heeseung moments throughout the tour—and that’s saying a lot.

Watch the full clip here!


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