ENHYPEN’s Honest Response To Missing Out On “Normal” Experiences As Celebrities

Being a celebrity comes at a cost.

ENHYPEN recently sat down for an interview with NME. They opened up about a variety of topics ranging from their debut journey to their world tours.

They did not shy away from touching on the more negative aspects of their career so far such as missing out on “normal” experiences of daily life. For instance, they had to balance their time between training and schooling. Maknae Ni-Ki (born in 2005) was only 14 years old when he debuted.

Besides this, they have limited chances to rest. After a full day of schedules, the group often has to return to their practice room to prepare for future performances.

Of course, there is also the issue of being mentally exhausted. The pressure to succeed only increases as time passes by.

The members revealed their true feelings about not having a so-called normal life. Surprisingly, they do not mind it, going so far as to say that the obstacles they face are not hardships in their eyes.

Everything we have done until now, from preparations to promotions, we don’t really think of them as sacrifices.

— Heeseung

Jake added that they are the captains of their destiny and thus it is their duty to face whatever hardships may come their way.

It’s the life we chose.

— Jake

Moreover, for every negative aspect to the celebrity life, there is a positive. The main happiness they get from being K-Pop idols is the endless love of their fans.

I don’t feel like it’s a big deal, because we gain a lot more from our fans. All the things that we can’t do don’t really matter.

— Jake

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Source: NME