ENHYPEN Impresses Industry Professionals With Their Sophisticated Charm On The Cover Of ELLE Japan

They absolutely killed it!

On June 28th, ELLE Japan unveiled the cover of their August 2021 issue featuring 4th generation rookie kings ENHYPEN.


Following the teasers released only a day before, ENHYPEN appeared on ELLE Japan’s official social media accounts with a short interview. The members professed their gratitude for being chosen for the cover and discussed how they’ve begun learning Japanese so they can interact with more of their fans. Ni-ki, the maknae who hails from Japan, is sure to help out in that department!

In a statement on their website, industry professionals from ELLE Japan expressed how amazed they were by the group’s maturity and drive despite their young age.

“All of them are teenagers and they are amazingly young, but all of the editors in charge are impressed by the attitude of firmly expressing their thoughts in their own words to each question during the interview.”

— ELLE Japan

This announcement comes only one week before the group’s Japanese debut with their new single, Border: Transient, coming out on July 6th. In addition, Japanese versions of popular tracks Given-Taken and Let Me In (20 CUBE) will be released as B-sides.

| ELLE Japan

Are you ready for ENHYPEN’s Japanese comeback?



Source: ELLE Japan Website