ENHYPEN’s Jake Dishes On How He Feels About His First Credit As A Lyricist And What Inspired Him

Fans are so proud of him.

ENHYPEN just made their comeback with their third mini album, Manifesto: Day 1, and fans love every part of it, especially lyricist Jake.

ENHYPEN’s Sunoo, Jake, Jay, Heeseung, Sunghoon, Jungwon, and Ni-ki (left to right) | @BELIFTLAB/Twitter

Manifesto: Day 1 is particularly special to the group, with leader Jungwon noting that they each took part in making the album.

All the members participated in the album making, from lyric writing and production to the storyline.

— Jungwon

Jake, in particular, is receiving praise for his input. When fans first noticed that the Australian member had been credited as a lyricist on the song “SHOUT OUT,” they were thrilled.

| @BELIFTLAB/Twitter

Jake has expressed interest in writing and composing, and fans are happy he was given this chance.

| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

Jake’s participation on the track has even earned him first KOMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association) credit.

When taking on this challenge, Jake looked to the fans for inspiration.

I remember when I first got the demo, the [producers] told us this song was going to be the song where we can really connect with our fans, so when writing the lyrics I was really imagining interacting with ENGENEs and performing in front of them. When I heard that my lyrics got chosen, I was very honored.

— Jake

It’s safe to say ENGENEs are loving “SHOUT OUT.”

The track showcases the hard work Jake put into it.

Despite all the love ENHYPEN has received from the fans, the group wants to continue to prove themselves to them. Member Heeseung doesn’t want to stay complacent.

We’re gonna keep going up and work even harder to move ENGENEs all around the world.

— Heeseung

Fans know that Jake, and the other members, will continue to wow fans with their talents and gain even more opportunities to not only perform for fans but also participate in the creative process.

Source: People