ENHYPEN’s Jake Spills On The Unexpected Help He Received From Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And Felix, Proving The Australian Idols Are True Besties

Only they could help Jake with this particular issue…

ENHYPEN‘s Jake has been hanging out with fellow Australian K-Pop idols Stray KidsBang Chan and Felix, and according to Jake, they provided an unexpected kind of help.

ENHYPEN’s Jake | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter
Stray Kids’ Felix (left) and Bang Chan (right)

Jake and Sunghoon held a live stream together on Weverse where they hung out with fans and traded fun stories. For one, they left fans amused after they accidentally “dropped a spoiler” about an upcoming schedule in Manila, Philippines.

But luckily, Jake had more to spill on. Seeing as Jake, Bang Chan, and Felix are all from Australia, many fans had been waiting for them to meet for a long time. Luckily, both ENHYPEN and Stray Kids performed at KCON 2022 in LA, giving the Australian idols the chance to finally meet.

In a live stream, Bang Chan dished about the meeting and revealed Jake’s true personality, adorably describing him as an “angel.” In fact, he even went as far as to say, “I sound like a dad, but I’ll try my best to take care of him.”

| Stray Kids/VLIVE 

Jake, Bang Chan and Felix have hung out since then, even spending the Chuseok holiday together.

(From left to right) Sam Hammington, Felix, Jake, and Bang Chan | @samhammington/Twitter

As it turns out, there was one thing that only Bang Chan and Felix were able to help Jake with, and that was restoring Jake’s Australian accent. According to Jake, he has lately been so used to only hearing an American accent that he felt like he was losing his own.

The revelation has fans feeling soft…

Especially because it shows how close the three idols are getting!

It looks like Bang Chan is following through on his promise to take care of Jake—and we love to see it.

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