ENHYPEN’s Jay Apologizes For Making Inflammatory Remarks Aimed At Korea’s History

The idol made the comments during a recent livestream.

ENHYPEN‘s Jay apologized for his statements regarding Korea’s history.

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According to news reports, on January 10, Jay conducted a livestream with fellow member Sunghoon.

During the livestream, Sunghoon stated he was having fun learning about Korea’s history, to which Jay responded by stating he was more interested in world history and that Korea’s history didn’t have as much information as other countries. Jay would then likened Korea’s history to a short novel.

I (like) world history. I learned a bit about Korean history at school. I like studying history, but Korean history doesn’t have much information. It feels like a short novel. I’ve studied the history of other countries, and their (history) is so long it never ends, but Korea’s (history) goes by like that.

— Jay

On January 11, Jay released a statement on Weverse in which he apologized for remarks he made on a previous livestream aimed at Korea’s history.

Hello, this is ENHYPEN’s Jay.
Today I was shocked at the fans’ response after the livestream. No matter the reason, I sincerely apologize for making ENGENEs feel uncomfortable. My remarks about a topic as important as Korea’s history were careless and based solely on my personal impressions. This wasn’t a topic that I should have spoken on with my limited knowledge. This incident reminded me that I still have so much to learn. Although it wasn’t my intention to belittle our proud history, I feel viewers could have felt this way, and this was my wrongdoing. I am sorry. From now on, I will be more careful and study more so that I become an artist ENGENEs can be proud of. I am constantly learning so much from you guys.
Thank you.

— Jay

Jay is a Korean-American member of ENHYPEN. The idol debuted with the group in 2020.


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