ENHYPEN Jay’s Dad Has The Most Wholesome Interaction With A Fan In Brunei

Many ENGENEs wish they had such a sweet moment with Jay’s dad.

The dad of ENHYPEN‘s Jay has gained attention for his caring interaction with a fan who visited a Korean festival in Brunei, which he attended for business.


During the festival, the lucky fan ate a tasty meal at the restaurant owned by Jay’s dad. When she was leaving, Jay’s dad told the fan to wait for a few moments while he raced outside to his car.

| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

Jay’s dad actually wanted to gift the lucky fan with a sticker of Jay, which he sweetly placed on her phone case. The sticker wasn’t the only treat she received from the idol’s dad.

| @_niatrisyia/Twitter

The fan gushed about Jay’s dad not only being “so humble” but “cute” as well. He even took photos with the fan.

| @_niatrisyia/Twitter

Before Jay’s dad and the fan took photos together, he even made their day with a compliment. She explained, “After returning, he told me he wanted to give me a sticker because I was cute, which was obviously the biggest compliment I ever got.

It looks like Jay gets his warm personality from his dad, who’s such a sweetie pie that fans now adore him.

Check out the heartwarming moment between a lucky ENGENE and Jay’s dad here.