ENHYPEN’s Jay Impresses With His Tall Height

You’ll probably look just as small standing next to him.

ENHYPEN‘s Jay is usually showing off his killer fashion sense but recently caught fans’ attention for a different reason.

Jay | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

Although Jay’s height makes his outfits look even more chic, seeing how tall he was in person left fans amazed.

| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

When Jay’s makeup artist touched up his face during filming for an unknown show, he looked so tall next to the staff member that ENGENEs were left speechless. It put into perspective how tiny the average person would look standing beside him.

| @archivesofjay/Twitter

After Heeseung and Jay finished petting a puppy on set, Jay was so much taller than the makeup artist that he stayed slightly bent over just so she could reach.

Seeing the height difference and how handsome Jay looked, many fans couldn’t help wishing they were his makeup artists too, calling it their “dream job.

| @EN_KEY_/Twitter

Since Jay is nearly six feet tall and isn’t even the tallest member of the group, the ENHYPEN members are pretty tall.

| J-Absolute-Youth

Source: Twitter