ENHYPEN’s Jay Always Lends His Members A Helping Hand…But Even He Doesn’t Notice It

Here’s why.

ENHYPEN‘s Jay is the type to help others without asking for anything in return, even if the task is difficult.


In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, he was praised for his consideration throughout an episode of “EN-O’CLOCK.” He had taken it upon himself to cut open a watermelon…

…set up a tent…

…and shoot himself with a BB gun before aiming it at his members.

Weverse Magazine asked if small acts of kindness like that are his way of expressing himself.

In EN-O’CLOCK, you quietly took on the hard work of cutting up a watermelon and setting up a tent yourself. You also shot yourself in the hand with your BB gun to check it before you shot JUNGWON. Perhaps that kind of consideration is one way of expressing yourself?

— Weverse Magazine

Amazingly, Jay admitted that he lends a helping hand without giving it any thought!

I think I do it out of habit without consciously thinking about it.

— Jay

There are even times when he hears praise from others for his actions but can’t remember what he did. The only explanation for it is that his body moves on its own whenever something needs to be done.

Sometimes, when I’m reviewing footage and see someone praising me for that, I’ve often thought, I did that? My body just moved automatically because I happened to notice something or thought I should do it.

— Jay

Without a doubt, this goes to show that Jay is a naturally selfless and kindhearted person!

Source: Weverse Magazine