ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Seemingly Can’t Recognize His Own Photocard — Netizens Blame The Heavy Editing From HYBE

“Honestly, it looks so heavily edited…”

One of the biggest parts of K-Pop is the photocards. Each time a group has a comeback, photocards will be released with the albums and netizens will collect them, whether casually or more seriously.

A rare photocard of BTS’s Jungkook
A rare photocard of TWICE’s Sana
A rare photocard of NCT’s Taeyong

Yet, netizens have noticed a photocard of ENHYPEN‘s Jungwon that they think is so edited that even the idol himself seemingly didn’t recognize the face.

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon | @ENHYPEN/Instagram

ENHYPEN has recently been in America playing shows, and one special part has been the “send-off,” where the members have interacted with fans in the audience. Of course, those attending have shared their experiences and gained attention for the adorable interactions.

In one video that has gained attention, Jungwon was seen signing a fan’s photocard.

Yet, when he saw the photocard, Jungwon seemed to doubt it was even him, and after the fans confirmed it, he still seemed uncertain to believe it.

A fan posted a close-up version of the photocard, and there does seem to be heavy editing on Jungwon with a lot of filters and changes, not doing justice to the idol’s visuals.

The photocard that was signed by Jungwon | @kookiezandmilk

When the video was posted, netizens couldn’t hide their reactions to Jungwon’s response to the photocard. Of course, it could’ve easily been because of the speed of the signing but many ENGENEs have pointed out how different the photocard actually looks from the idol.

While it was a funny moment, it does raise a debate on editing within K-Pop. Although editing is something that has always happened in the entertainment industry worldwide, the fact Jungwon couldn’t even recognize himself shows just how extreme HYBE’s editing was for the photocard.

Source: @markedhyunnie