ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Shares Heartwarming Video Of His First Time Meeting His Family’s New Dog

The only thing cuter than Jungwon is Jungwon AND a puppy!

ENHYPEN‘s Jungwon previously stated that he is a cat person, but it looks like the tables may turn pretty soon!

During a recent EN-loG uploaded to the group’s YouTube channel, Jungwon chronicled the short vacation he took after “CARNIVAL” promotions ended. Not only did get to visit his parents and sister, but Jungwon also got to see their newly adopted dog!

Maeum, the adorable Maltese puppy, was born around the same time ENHYPEN debuted last November. Due to Jungwon’s extremely busy schedule, he hadn’t been able to return home for an extended period of time, which is why he never had the chance to meet the little guy.

Right when Jungwon stepped through the door, Maeum excitedly greeted him with a wagging tail and tried to jump up his leg!

After that, the two had a lot of fun playing around with a large orange squeaky toy. ENGENEs knew Jungwon had totally fallen for Maeum as soon as he looked directly into the camera with sparkling eyes and said, “We should’ve gotten a dog a long time ago!


The next morning, Jungwon was surprised to find the puppy curled up beside him when he woke up! He explained that Maeum typically only stays in the living room, but for some reason decided sleeping on Jungwon’s pillow was more comfortable that night.


As they continued to go about their day, the two bonded over their shared love for chicken. Jungwon even gave Maeum his last piece!

At the very end of the segment, it’s practically impossible not to get emotional when Jungwon says his final goodbye and Maeum tries to follow him out the door.

Fans are already hoping the two will get to see each other again soon! You can watch the entire video here: