ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Unintentionally Referenced Stray Kids’ Changbin And Everyone Lost It

He’s funny without even trying πŸ˜‚

ENHYPEN‘s appearance on The K-Star Next Door was full of laughter, including a moment where leader Jungwon unintentionally referenced Stray KidsChangbin.

Stray Kids’ Changbin

When Jungwon explained the major downside to sharing a room with three members, his microphone cut off and needed to be fixed by the staff. He decided to use the moment to take a break. Jungwon said, “I need to use the restroom,” sparking a familiar memory for host Jonathan.

During Stray Kids’ episode, Changbin said the exact same thing in the middle of filming.

Jonathan came up with a solution that made ENHYPEN and the staff crack up. He said, “Let’s put on diapers from now on. You need to tell them when you cast them.” That wasn’t the end of their references to Changbin.

Heeseung jokingly warned Jungwon, “Don’t sneeze.” Everyone burst into laughter.

Heeseung had been referring to Changbin sneezing during that same episode where he’d asked to use the restroom.

Like Stray Kids, Heeseung, Jungwon, and Sunghoon went to the restroom together. They hilariously left Jonathan alone on set the same way.

It looks like Jungwon and Changbin are both funny without even trying.

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