ENHYPEN Jungwon’s Viral Interaction With A Fan Outside Of HYBE’s Building Shows His True Personality

Jungwon is an angel!

Fans of ENHYPEN love the group for countless reasons. Their talents and visuals are one part of what makes ENHYPEN, ENHYPEN.

ENHYPEN | Teen Vogue

ENGENE also love how sweet the group are to each other and fans, something that has been shown time and time again. From their early fan signs, where they did all they could to make sure fans weren’t feeling the heat…

ENHYPEN Go Viral For Their Behavior Toward ENGENEs During Recent Fansign

…to their interactions with fans during their send-off during their tour last year, it is easy to see how ENHYPEN values their fans!

Recently, a fan shared a story about their interaction with Jungwon, leaving the whole K-Pop fandom in awe.

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon

A ENGENE posted their story about meeting Jungwon outside the HYBE building, sharing a photo of the idol and his signature as proof.



In the tweet, they said that they told Jungwon they were a fan, and he came closer to give them the autograph. The fan said Jungwon asked if they had already eaten, saying he would buy them food if not.

Jungwon also offered to buy the fan hot packs after feeling that their hands were cold.

Yesterday, I met Jungwon in front of HYBE. When I told him I was an ENGENE, he came closer and gave me an autograph. He said he would buy me a meal if I hadn’t eaten, and even offered to buy me a hot pack because my hands were cold…I felt embarrassed, so of course, I said it was fine. He even gave me a fist bump. Jungwon is a complete angel.

#Enhypen #YangJungwon eyewitness account


Netizens thought the interaction was extremely sweet and have praised Jungwon for his sweet personality!

We agree, Jungwon is an angel!


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