ENHYPEN Breaks The Record For Fastest Fourth Generation K-Pop Boy Group Song To Reach 100 Million Spotify Streams

It’s their fifth song to hit this milestone!

Though not yet quite three years into their career, ENHYPEN continues to prove that they’re a K-Pop group to be reckoned with due to their frequent successes and impressive milestones!

Their latest record comes from the music streaming app Spotify, where the group can now claim to have the fastest song by a fourth-generation K-Pop boy group to reach the impressive 100 million streams milestone.

“Bite Me”, released on May 22 earlier this year as the title track on their DARK BLOOD album, reached the 100 million streams mark on August 20, just 90 days after it debuted.

It’s their fifth song to hit 100 million streams, with “Given-Taken”, “Fever”, “Drunk-Dazed”, and “Polaroid Love” each reaching the number in the past, albeit not quite as quickly as “Bite Me”.

| @ENHYPEN/Twitter

Currently, the fastest K-Pop song to reach 100 million streams ever is “Butter” by BTS, who hit the number in an impressive 8 days!

But hitting 100 million streams at all is a huge accomplishment, and the fact that ENHYPEN already has five songs with this milestone is definitely something they should be proud of!