Fans Are Excited For ENHYPEN To Try A New Comeback Concept

ENGENEs will love it no matter what.

ENHYPEN recently confirmed that they would be making a comeback with their third mini-album, MANIFESTO: DAY 1. Fans are highly anticipating this new era, even though they don’t know what it’ll be like just yet.


To get ready for the new era, ENHYPEN dropped the “WALK THE LINE” lyric video online, a b-side track that will be released through the upcoming album, set to release worldwide on July 4 at 6 PM KST.

Fans were even more excited when the promotion calendar for the comeback was released. There’s still so much content left to come over the next weeks.

With the bright colors used for this and the album preview images previously release, fans considered the possibility of a cheerful concept.

Yet the Concept Spoiler told a different story.

Though only ten seconds long, the images featured rebellious “bad boy” vibes.

The newly released Concept Moodboard confirms the theory that ENHYPEN’s comeback will be on the darker side, and has even led fans to believe that a rockstar concept might be in store.

Fans are curious to see how closely the source images used for the spoiler will tie into the group’s actual concept. With a real rock band used as part of the imagery for the mood board, it’s not so far-fetched.

It’s something that many fans want. With the possibilities of stage outfits and the charisma the group is sure to bring, the rockstar concept would suit ENHYPEN well.

Many fans have been hoping for such an era since the group covered Block B’s “Very Good” at KCON:TACT 3 last year. Although they love the original, it was so good that many fans considered it a legendary cover and wanted ENHYPEN to tackle the style ASAP.

Still, even with the content released so far, it’s hard to know what the concept will be for certain.

ENHYPEN’s comeback concept is still a mystery, but fans are excited about anything the group puts out. The surprise will be real, and fans can’t wait!