ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki Gains Attention For His Unexpected Actions Towards A Fan At Their Concert

“He’s not my bias but…”

ENHYPEN‘s Ni-Ki has gained attention for his unexpected actions towards a fan.

ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki | @ENHYPEN/Instagram

Since debuting, Ni-Ki has always impressed fans with his talent, visuals, and charm.


Yet, the idol recently gained attention for his behavior towards a fan during one of the group’s concerts.

In a TikTok video, a fan shared that while they were watching ENHYPEN, they had to cover their eyes because the light was shining directly on them.

The camera then moved to Ni-Ki, who seemed to be watching OP.

All of a sudden, he moved forward ever so slightly. While it normally wouldn’t mean much, netizens noticed that Ni-Ki’s stance meant that the light was now covered.

While sometimes looking at OP, it was clear that he had moved intentionally and wanted to ensure that the light was no longer causing an issue.

If the action itself wasn’t cute enough, the OP shared that they didn’t actually notice what happened until they watched the video back.

After OP shared the video…


i wasn’t looking the whole time i was focusing on #sunghoon i didn’t realize this 😭😭😭 #ni_ki #mybaby #enhypen

♬ A Thousand Years James Arthur – Ajat

Netizens couldn’t get over Ni-Ki’s behavior towards the fans. While many pointed out how much the young idol had matured since debuting, they praised his manners and behavior towards the fan.

When it was shared on X, netizens couldn’t get over how much of a gentleman Ni-Ki was being. Instead of making a huge fuss, he took matters into his own hands and quietly moved to ensure that the fan wasn’t staring into the light without letting anyone else know.

As always, Ni-Ki always showcases how much he and the members care for fans. While it was a small gesture, it shows that the group takes notice of ENGENEs and will do anything to help without making a huge fuss.

Source: kmdpsh/TikTok

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