ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki Finds Learning English Is More Difficult Than Korean And Here’s Why

“It feels a bit jumbled up!”

During a recent -note on the group’s YouTube channel, ENHYPEN‘s Ni-Ki went over their busy schedule for the day, which included choreography practice, a radio recording, and English lessons.

Despite the fact that it’s quite a lot for someone this young to master, Ni-Ki explained that learning English is important not just to him, but all of the members of ENHYPEN. This is because they want to be able to interact with as many fans as they can.

For English lessons, we want to be able to communicate with ENGENE in the U.S. So, in order to do that, all of us are taking English lessons and it’s very difficult.

— Ni-Ki


Already, Ni-Ki has lots of experience in the language-learning department, as he originally comes from Japan and needed to become fluent enough in Korean in order to debut as an idol. However, he admitted that English has actually been way more difficult for him to figure out!

Since I speak Japanese and Korean, and we’re now learning English it’s a bit confusing. It feels a bit jumbled up!

— Ni-Ki


This is mainly due to the grammatical differences between the two Asian languages and English.

Japanese and Korean are similar, and I can understand the grammar pretty easily. So, I’m able to understand things while I’m learning. But everything in English is different in terms of grammar. I think I find that difficult.

— Ni-Ki


One of the main challenges a lot of people face is grasping the proper sentence structure. In English, the format strictly goes by goes by S-V-O (Subject-Verb-Object) order. Meanwhile in Korean, the format is typically S-O-V (Subject-Object-Verb) order, which Japanese follows more often as well.

Sentence Order Example | KoreanClass101

While it might have been hard for him at first, Ni-Ki definitely seems to be getting the hang of it pretty quickly!

Have you ever come across the same problem when trying to learn another language?

Source: 80/20 Japanese