Why ENHYPEN’s Cuddlebug Ni-Ki No Longer Wants To Sleep Next To His Members

In the past, he “couldn’t sleep” until he hugged someone.

ENHYPEN‘s Ni-ki sat down for an interview with Weverse Magazine where he discussed everything from his career to his family. He also opened up about his fellow members and the changes that have happened throughout the years.


In the past, he found it comforting to sleep next to his members. ENHYPEN even revealed in a live broadcast that Ni-ki “can’t sleep until he hugs someone.”

As the beloved maknae of the group, the others were usually willing to help him out.

His #1 sleep buddy was none other than Sunoo. The latter relayed to Weverse Magazine that their nightly bonding happened more often than he initially expected.

Niki always asks me with confidence, ‘You’re sleeping next to me, right?’ These days, I feel a bit lonely when I sleep alone. I guess I’ve gotten used to it

— Sunoo

Ni-Ki himself mentioned that it started as a “habit to fall asleep while cuddling [his] younger sister.” He didn’t let go of this habit even when I-LAND started, saying, “I always fell asleep hugging a body pillow or one of the other members.”

As of the start of 2022, however, Ni-Ki hasn’t slept next to anyone. He decided that it was time to be more independent, and it was also a chance to give the other members a break.

As we got busier the others sometimes had a hard time with it and I thought I should sleep alone now, too.

— Ni-Ki

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He has no plans of going back to his old routine of hugging anyone to be able to sleep. Niki concluded, “Now that I tried it, I think it’s more comfortable sleeping alone. I have corrected that habit now.”

Source: Weverse Magazine