ENHYPEN Had The Best Reaction After Seeing The Similarities Between Ni-Ki And “Squid Game” Actress Jung Ho Yeon

“They could be siblings…”

With the world falling in love with Korean culture, there is no denying that the worlds of K-Pop and K-Dramas sometimes come together and have an unexpected collaboration. This recently happened following the success of the new Netflix K-Drama Squid Game.

“Squid Game” poster | Netflix

With the show gaining worldwide success, the cast has suddenly rocketed in popularity, and one of those who felt it the most is actress Jung Ho Yeon, who plays Sae Byeok.

Recently, many K-Pop fans thought that she looked similar to a K-Pop idol, and it was ENHYPEN‘s Ni-Ki! They shared an image of the two side-by-side in an online forum, and many thought the resemblance was uncanny.

After the release of their newest album, ENHYPEN appeared on the 1theK Originals series IDDP, where the members sat down and searched their names online to see what results would come up.

In particular, when it came to maknae Ni-Ki, the members had a look at one of the posts that showed the resemblance between their member and one of the most loved Squid Game characters, and they were surprised at just how many views it actually had!

As soon as the members saw the clip, they couldn’t hide their reactions. Along with the rest of the group being in disbelief at the resemblance. Heesung even added that they looked “So much alike.”

Their reactions got even better as they saw a tweet of Ni-Ki and Jung Ho Yeon’s pictures interchanging quickly with each other, and the resemblance seemed to shock them even more.

As they turned to Ni-Ki just to see how much they looked the same, Jake had a look of disbelief, saying, “They look the same.” If that wasn’t enough, Jay even added that the two could be siblings with their similar facial features.

They then read some of the comments from netizens, and one said that Ni-Ki should’ve appeared in the series as Sae Byeok’s brother. Although the person who played the sibling was much younger than Ni-Ki, the members said he should appear in the second series and, if they want to move the story along, there is no reason why Ni-Ki couldn’t make a cameo.

Whether there is a second series or not, fans would love to see Ni-Ki making his acting debut, and why not in Squid Games. It was also hilarious to see the reactions of the members to this comparison, and it is easy to see why netizens saw the similarities in the first place.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: 1theK

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