All ENHYPEN Members Recover From COVID-19 And Will Prepare For October Comeback

They are back together!

K-Pop idol group ENHYPEN are preparing for their comeback after being released from quarantine. Recently, ENHYPEN posted on Twitter, “ENHYPEN altogether! We missed you ENGENE!” along with a group photo.

Previously, BELIFT LAB released an official statement regarding the members and COVID-19.

Hello, this is BELIFT LAB. As ENHYPEN members Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, and Ni-ki have all fully recovered from COVID-19, we would like to inform you that they were all discharged from the living treatment center and completed quarantine as of September 16. 

Each member is currently rising without any health problems. Sunoo also tested negative during the re-examination to be released from self-quarantine. Thank you to the fans who have been concerned about the artists’ health.

ENHYPEN’s first full-length album will be released in October. We will inform you of the detailed schedule in a separate notice. We will continue to prioritize the health and safety of our artists and follow quarantine guidelines. Thank you.

Source: newsen